Column: April 18, 2019

Quyon Ferry open for the season

The Quyon Ferry is open for season. On the Ontario side, the ferry is located at 5692 Ferry Road. On the Quebec side, it’s located at 3 Ferry Road, Quyon. For more information on the ferry, including schedules and contact information, go to

Rural Economic Development Strategy

At the Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee (ARAC) on April 4, the Committee received the 2019 work plan for the City’s Planning, Infrastructure & Economic Development Department, outlining their key initiatives for the year ahead. As part of this Report, ARAC heard about a planned Rural Economic Development Strategy & Action Plan. The department is preparing to develop the strategy, which will help identify opportunities to support and stimulate rural economic growth and build Ottawa’s rural assets. This action plan will identify how and when the opportunities identified in the strategy will be delivered. This action plan was subsequently tabled at the City Council meeting on April 10 and was officially approved. As this strategy and action plan develops, there will be opportunities to provide input. As Chair of ARAC, I will be very involved with this initiative and will make sure to keep rural residents informed every step of the way.

Sidewalk Rehabilitation in Carp

The City of Ottawa has begun work on some sidewalk rehabilitation in Carp. A rehabilitation of approximately 530 metres of sidewalk on Donald B. Munro Drive South, from Langstaff Drive to Farmridge Avenue, is set to begin later this year. Design work is currently underway and the actual construction schedule will begin sometime this summer or fall. A Notice of Construction will be delivered to local residents prior to the commencement of any construction activities. For further information about this project, contact the City’s Project Manager: René Monast, 613-580-2424 ext. 23161,

Happy Easter

Make sure to take a look at the “Ward Events” section of my website at There are a number of Easter events happening throughout the ward.

My wife Maha and I want to wish everyone a wonderful Easter holiday. Enjoy your time with family, friends and neighbours.

Column: April 4, 2019

Apply now - Ottawa Rural Clean Water Program

The Ottawa Rural Clean Water Program (ORCWP) provides funding to landowners and non-profit organizations for projects that protect surface water and groundwater quality. Grants of up to $15,000 are available for 18 kinds of projects related to nutrient management, soil protection, water management, land stewardship, and education and innovation. The next application deadline is May 1, 2019. Farmers from rural and urban Ottawa along with landowners within rural Ottawa are eligible to apply. Approved applicants must complete a 3rd or 4th Edition Environmental Farm Plan (farm projects), or Healthy Home Guidebook (non-farm projects). Canadian Organic Certification is also accepted for some farm projects. Non-profit organizations can apply for education and innovation projects. Applications will be accepted through the LandOwner Resource Centre, which works in partnership with the Mississippi Valley, Rideau Valley, and South Nation Conservation Authorities and the City of Ottawa. Contact the LandOwner Resource Centre at 613-692-3571 or toll free at 1-800-267-3504 ext. 1136. Visit to see a full list of eligible projects and to download an application form.

Approval of $1.2 million for accessible transportation

Following extensive consultation with residents and users of accessible transportation services, City Council approved allocating the $1.2-million Vehicle-for-Hire Accessibility Fund to three projects that will improve services to residents. All three were identified as priorities during consultations. The Accessibility Fund is generated from a voluntary per-trip surcharge paid by licensed private transportation companies like Uber and Lyft. Funding would be provided to:

- Help community agencies expand accessible transportation services in rural areas
- Make accessible taxis more affordable by:
- Reducing taxi-coupon costs by 25 per cent
- Doubling the maximum allowance of taxi-coupon books per customer to eight per month.

Speeding concerns

My office receives numerous calls regarding excessive speeding on our roads. Please make sure you contact the Ottawa Police directly when you witness speeders at 613-236-1222 ext. 7300. All complaints received by the police are entered into their records management system and are tracked. This allows them to monitor and identify problem areas, so that enforcement and other responses may be documented and assessed.

Column: March 21, 2019

Orphaned Wildlife

The City’s By-law & Regulatory Services (BLRS) is receiving calls regarding injured and orphaned wildlife. Please note, not all wild animals found alone without an adult are orphans. It’s common for mothers to leave their babies in the nest/den while they forage for food. In most cases, these mothers will return to their young. If you find a baby wild mammal on its own, contact the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary first before calling 3-1-1 (613-258-9480 or Do not attempt to move the animal from its den/nest or to feed it. If you have already touched the animal, return it to where it was found. It’s a myth that the mother will reject her babies if they have been touched. Please note BLRS only responds to calls about injured or sick small wild animals.

Reporting potholes

If you see potholes on our roads, please call 3-1-1, or report it online at You will receive a service request number making it easier to track for follow up, and your request will be sent to the appropriate department for action.

Mailbox damage

Occasionally mailboxes may get damaged by passing snow plows. Mailboxes will be repaired or replaced as determined by the City’s Roads Department Supervisor. Mailboxes damaged by the snow that comes off the wing of the snow plow will not be eligible for repair or replacement. Mailboxes will be replaced by something basic. Damaged posts will be replaced by a temporary one with permanent repairs undertaken after the frost is gone. To report a damaged mailbox, call 3-1-1 or report it via

Spring Cleaning the Capital

Early bird registration is open for the City’s Spring Cleaning the Capital Campaign. Participants can register their cleanup projects by calling 3-1-1 or by using the online registration form available at This is also an excellent opportunity for high school students to earn some community volunteer hours.


If you know a young woman between the ages 15 and 19 who is interested in a career in firefighting, please have them apply for Camp FFIT 2019 (Female Firefighters in Training). Camp FFIT will run from August 12 to 16. Deadline to apply is May 24. Go to to get all the details, including eligibility requirements and application information.

Column: March 14, 2019

Zoning Amendment - 2596 Carp Road

On March 8, the City’s Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee (ARAC) approved a zoning amendment at 2596 Carp Rd. The amendment would permit construction of a concrete batching plant, where raw materials are mixed to make concrete for use in construction projects across Ottawa. The applicant would be prevented from starting construction until Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks determines that air, noise and dust emissions from the plant would be compliant with all provincial regulations. In addition, to address traffic concerns, the applicant will be required to submit a Transportation Impact Assessment to the City. Huntley Creek runs through the property, and while no new development is proposed near the creek as part of this project, City planning staff have recommended further re-zoning on the surrounding lands to prevent future development adjacent to the creek. The plan for this site also proposes increased landscaping near the creek, which would encourage regeneration. This item will be tabled at City Council on March 27.

Budget 2019 Approved

On March 6, City Council approved Budget 2019. Of significant note, this budget approved funding for a new community building to be constructed in the Corkery community. In 2019, funding of $550,000 has been earmarked as the first contribution toward the estimated project costs. A further approximately $900,000 has been flagged for this project in 2020. Other Ward 5 specific budget highlights include:

- $4 million to design and build 47 culverts
- $2 million to retrofit, rehabilitate & replace components of communal well drinking systems, including the Carp Well System
- $1.8 million for road surface treatments
- $1.6 million to renew the Fitzroy Harbour Bridge
- $820,000 to resurface roads
- $620,000 to renew the Ritchie Side Road Bridge
- $605,000 to preserve roads
- $180,000 to renew the Kilmaurs Road Bridge
- $125,000 to upgrade gravel roads
- $560,000 towards making repairs at various community buildings
- $38,000 for fitness equipment for Langstaff Park
- $10,000 for safety netting for the baseball diamond at Fitzroy Harbour

Stage 2 LRT

At the March 6 City Council meeting, Council approved Stage 2 Light Rail Transit. This project will expand the O-Train by 44km to the west, south, and east and add 24 new stations. The expansions will be completed in 2022, 2024 and 2025 respectively. Stage 2 is funded by the Government of Canada, the Province of Ontario and the City of Ottawa. The total project cost is $4.6 billion.

Column: March 7, 2019

Welcome To Your Community Voice

My warm welcome, to you the reader, to the first edition of Your Community Voice – West Carleton! I will be providing a column in this publication every edition and I’m looking forward to using it as another useful tool to bring news and information to the residents of Ward 5. My thanks to the staff at Your Community Voice for working to bring this paper to life.

Official Plan Review

What will Ottawa look like as it grows over the next century? How do we make sure that we can keep pace and adapt to change in a way that makes Ottawa an inclusive, liveable and globally competitive city?

We have an opportunity to prepare for the future with a brand new Official Plan. This is the strategic document that guides our City’s growth and development. It impacts how and where the City will grow, now and for years to come. It establishes a policy framework that will inform the shape of the communities where you live, work and play. Its scope may reach as far as the middle of this century and will affect generations to come.

This Official Plan review is now being done as required by the Planning Act and Provincial Policy Statement, 2014, and will run in coordination with the review of the Infrastructure Master Plan, Transportation Master Plan and the Development Charges By-Law. All aspects of the Official Plan will be reviewed and updated including secondary plans for rural villages and urban neighbourhoods.

The Official Plan will come into effect following approval by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing. Under the Planning Act, for Official Plans that are subject to Ministerial approval, there are no opportunities for appeal to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal. Given the Planning Act does not provide a right to appeal, you are strongly encouraged to engage in process so your feedback can be considered during the development the new Official Plan. This review is a three-year project with opportunities for residents to provide comments throughout the process.

Please visit to start your engagement in this process. There is a lot of useful information posted, including nine Discussion Papers (including a Rural Plan Discussion Paper) outlining the main themes of the Official Plan review.