Column: October 1, 2015

Fundraiser for the Acute Care of the Elderly Unit

As many Ward 5 residents can attest, caring for our seniors is becoming more of a concern and there is a significant need to find adequate care. That's where the Acute Care of the Elderly Unit (ACE) at the Queensway Carleton Hospital will play a huge role in meeting the needs of elderly residents.

City Council "ACE Ambassadors" Chiarelli, Wilkinson, Egli, Harder, Hubly, Qadri, Taylor and myself along with the Queensway Carleton Hospital are working together to help raise the required $1.5 million community portion of the funds needed to build the ACE Unit. Why? By 2031 over 1 in 5 people in the City of Ottawa will be older than the age of 65. The 34-bed ACE inpatient medical unit will serve that influx with a specialized inter-professional team of healthcare and social science professionals. ACE will be dedicated to maintaining seniors' independence, preventing the loss of physical abilities and addressing mental health problems.

We are hosting a Back to the Future themed fundraising bash! At the end of the classic Back to the Future movie, Marty McFly jumped into the DeLorean and programmed the flux capacitor to take him decades into the future. The date he programmed? October 21, 2015. So, on that evening, we are holding an Enchantment Under the Sea "high school" dinner/dance fundraiser. This is a 1950's and 1980's themed event commemorating the two time periods Marty McFly visited before his 2015 landing. It's taking place at Algonquin College on Wednesday, October 21, from 6:30-10:30pm. A delicious meal will be served followed by a dance with live music. Proceeds will go towards the ACE Unit.

For tickets visit Eventbrite. Donations can be made by contacting or visiting

Dravet “Walk for the Kids”

The 4th Annual Dravet "Walk for the Kids" is happening October 3 at the Constance Bay Community Centre. It will include 3km walk, face painting, balloons, silent auction, fundraiser BBQ, raffles and entertainment. Registration begins at 10am with the walk starting at 11am.

Dravet Syndrome is a rare and catastrophic form of epilepsy for which there currently is no cure. As many of you know, Constance Bay's own Liam McKnight suffers from Dravet Syndrome. "Liam's Team" is participating. To donate visit