Column: July 2, 2015

Upcoming Ward 5 road resurfacing projects

Listed below are a few road resurfacing projects starting next week. Lane reductions will be in place, so expect wait times. No detours or road closures will be required.

•    Richardson Side Road, from Carp Road to Beavertail
•    Beavertail from Richardson Side Road to Old Almonte Road
•    Old Almonte Road from Beavertail to Corkery Road.
•    Spruce Ridge Road from Richardson Side Road to Speedway Road (upgrading to hard top)

West Carleton War Memorial Project

In 2011, a committee for the West Carleton War Memorial Project was formed, and they proposed a site in Carp for a permanent cenotaph to honour residents of West Carleton-March who died during World War I and II. The site is located at the foot of Falldown Lane and Donald B. Munro Drive and is a small triangular piece of property that was designated as part of the Falldown Lane roadway.

At last week’s City Council meeting, I put forward a motion to have the property re-designated as municipal parkland, essentially providing the space to erect the cenotaph. The motion passed. I have since received a few inquiries after media reported that Falldown Lane itself was going to “close” to accommodate the cenotaph. This is not accurate. The area in question contains a traffic island and is considered part of Falldown Lane. The City re-designating the parcel as parkland technically means this part of the road is being “closed” however, it will not affect the actual road or flow of traffic.

For more information on the project, visit

Progress being made to move 45,000 Hydro One customers to Hydro Ottawa

At the City Council meeting on June 24, we received favourable news regarding having 45,000 Hydro One customers transferred to Hydro Ottawa. In his address to Council when presenting the Hydro Ottawa Annual Report, Hydro Ottawa Board Chair Jim Durrell noted that Hydro Ottawa recently met with the president of Hydro One to discuss how to treat all Ottawa residents fairly and ensure they are part of Hydro Ottawa. While discussions will remain confidential at this point, Mr. Durrell noted that he’s hopeful to have a resolution of some kind in September, or at least an update to Council. I’m encouraged that we are getting closer to a resolution. Stay tuned for updates.