Column: July 28, 2016

Making sense of your new MPAC assessment notice

If you own a home in urban or suburban Ottawa, you should have recently received a property assessment notice from Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). Here are some things you should know:  

  • Assessments are issued every four years by MPAC
  • MPAC is not part of the City or Provincial government
  • The new notices are only for homes classified as residential. Homes that are part of a different or combined tax class will be mailed notices this fall.
  • The assessment notice is not a tax bill
  • The assessed value of your home as of January 1, 2016 will be used to calculate your property tax bill between 2017 and 2020, but it won’t be the only factor. Other factors are the City’s spending priorities and tax policy, both of which are set each year by City Council
  • The average residential property assessment in Ottawa has increased 3.45 per cent in this most recent four-year cycle. Province-wide, the average is 18 per cent. The average for Eastern Ontario is 5 per cent.
  • Assessment increases are phased in over each four-year period.
  • A property assessment, as determined by MPAC, that shows a property value increasing by more than the 3.45-per-cent average increase across Ottawa, will trigger an assessment-related tax increase before factoring in any budgetary implications.
  • Likewise, if a home’s assessment is lower than the 3.45-per-cent average Ottawa increase, this will likely result in an assessment-related tax decrease on the property tax bill.

If you don’t agree with your assessment notice, you have until November 18 to file a Request for Reconsideration. This needs to be done through MPAC directly. For more information and to contactMPAC directly go to

Get ready to register for the fall/winter recreation programs

Registration for Fall 2016-Winter 2017 recreation programs will be starting soon as follows:

  • Aquatics and Aquafitness:  Registration begins online/phone on August 8 at 9pm or in person on August 9 during business hours
  • All other programs: Registration starts online/phone on August 10 at 9pm, or in person on August 11 during business hours

Fall is often the busiest time for registration, so make sure you’re ready to go before the rush starts. Review the Recreation Guide ahead of time on