Column: April 27, 2017

Kanata Sailing Club – Open House
The Kanata Sailing Club (KSC), located on the Ottawa River at 1610 Sixth Line Road in Dunrobin, is holding an open house on Saturday, April 29, from noon to 4pm. KSC is located beside the Ottawa River Canoe Club and YMCA-YWCA Camp. KSC has been part of the community landscape since 1975 and is a nonprofit cooperative club where members contribute to running the club. KSC owns a fleet of sailing boats for members to use so they do not need to own their own boats. They provide training for new and experienced sailors – young and old alike – so the whole family can get out on the water! Visit for more information.
Opening of ball diamonds and sports fields is delayed
The City of Ottawa is asking residents and organizers of large public events to please stay off ball diamonds, sports fields and general turf areas at the City’s recreation centres and parks. Due to recent weather, the fields are extremely wet and could be damaged if used in their current condition. The City will officially open ball diamonds and sports fields as soon as weather conditions make it feasible.
Tick season
Ottawa is now considered a risk area for Lyme Disease due to ticks. Plan ahead and know what to do this summer if you find ticks. Visit for detailed information on what ticks look like, signs and symptoms of Lyme Disease, how to safely remove them and steps on how to get ticks tested.
You can’t get rid of ticks completely, but you can reduce the number present in your yard by:

  • Keeping your grass mowed
  • Removing brush and fallen leaves from the edges of your property, especially if your yard is bordered by woods or fields of tall grass
  • Cleaning up areas under and around bird feeders to reduce the attraction of small critters such as mice and voles that carry ticks
  • Discouraging deer from entering your yard, as ticks also feed on these animals
  • Keeping your woodpile neat, dry, off the ground, and away from your house

 My office has a supply of tick removal tools that can be used to safely remove ticks. Residents interested in picking one up, can stop by my ward office.