Column: May 18, 2017

Ongoing flood recovery efforts

As flood recovery efforts in our community will continue for the coming weeks, I have put together some information for residents to use going forward:

  • Red Cross registering:  Red Cross is registering residents impacted by the flood. This registration is an important piece to help identify the needs of impacted residents. Registration can be done by phone at 1-800-863-6582, Monday to Friday, 9am-8pm and Saturday, 9am-5pm. Registration can also be done in-person at the Emergency Community Support Centres during their hours of operation (10am-8pm):
    • Constance and Buckham’s Bay Community Centre, 262 Len Purcell Drive (Woodlawn)
    • Fitzroy Harbour Community Center, 100 Clifford Campbell Street (Fitzroy Harbour)
  • Daily garbage collection:  Garbage collection is happening every day on the following streets for as long as necessary: Bayview Drive, Baillie Avenue, Armitage Avenue, Northwoods Drive, Moorhead Drive, Cottage Lane, Loggers Way and Lighthouse Lane. Please note, regular garbage/recycling collection remains in effect for the rest of West Carleton-March. Garbage dumpsters have also been set out at the following locations and can be used by flooded property owners:
    • 3 bins along Moorhead Drive
    • 2 bins on road allowance at intersection of Greenland and Armitage
    • 2 bins near intersection of Sumac Lane and Armitage
    • 1 at north end of Morris Island Road
  • Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians program:  Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians is designed to provide financial assistance in the aftermath of a natural disaster that causes costly, widespread damage to eligible private property. Homeowners, tenants, small owner-operated businesses, farmers, and not-for-profit organizations are eligible to apply for financial assistance through this program. Secondary residences and cottages are not eligible. Applicants within an activated area can apply to be reimbursed for basic, necessary costs related to the disaster. The province is currently working on having the City of Ottawa added to the Ministry’s approved areas eligible for assistance. Once added, applications can be submitted. Check the Ministry’s website frequently as it should be updated shortly:
  • Water testing: Water testing kits are available for pick up and drop off at the Constance Bay Legion and Constance & Buckham’s Bay Community Centre. Results are usually available within 48 hours. More information on water testing and water safety is found on