Column: May 2, 2019

Spring Flooding - State of Emergency

As of the writing of this column, Mayor Watson has just announced a state of emergency for the flood-affected areas of the City. Following the declaration on April 25, the City started receiving assistance from the Province of Ontario with management of the emergency operations. Support from the Canadian military arrived in Ottawa last week and members of the military will be continuing to assist residential homes who need help. As this situation will continue to be very fluid and ever-changing, there are several ways residents can stay informed as things evolve:

  • Frequently visit the City’s website ( All of the latest news and information and details relating to state of emergency operations will be updated there.

  • Visit my website and my social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook). I will continue to post updates as required.

  • Join the City’s Facebook page called “Spring Flooding 2019.” City staff manage this page and relevant news is posted as it becomes available.

  • Tune into Ottawa’s various TV stations, radio stations and newspapers. Reporting on the situation is ongoing and updated news will certainly be reported on quickly.

  • Visit the website of the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority ( and the Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board ( to get up-to-date information on water levels.

  • I would like thank the many volunteers that have stepped up to help the affected residents. The generous help and support of volunteers will continue to be needed in the coming days and weeks.

  • If you are not volunteering and you are not a resident in the affected areas, please stay away from flooding locations. Roads need to be accessible to volunteers, emergency services and residents. For the safety and privacy of the homeowners, onlookers will be asked to leave.