Column: June 27, 2019

Culvert replacement work

Several culverts in Ward 5 are scheduled for replacement and work will beginning soon. Be mindful when travelling of lane reductions and follow posted detour signage in the areas of work:

- Upper Dwyer Hill Road approximately 0.49 km north of Grainger Park Road
- Upper Dwyer Hill Road approximately 1.41 km north of Vaughan Side Road
- Kinburn Side Road approximately 0.31 km east of Dominium Side Road
- March Road approximately 0.25 km west of Huntmar Drive
- Creek Drive approximately 0.05 km east of Frome Street
- Ivy Acres Road approximately 0.33 km south of Ritchie Side Road
- Pinhey Point Road approximately 0.70 km east of Sixth Line Road
- Panmure Road approximately 0.49 km east of Breezy Heights Road

Road closure - Ritchie Side Rd.

In early July, Ritchie Side Rd. from Ivy Acres Rd. to Walter Bradley Rd., will close to undertake rehabilitation work on the Ritchie Side Rd. bridge. A signed detour will be place and local/emergency vehicle access will be maintained. Work will be done by the end of August.

Carp Rd. slope stablization & culvert renewal

In early July work will begin between 4203 and 4185 Carp Rd. on slope stabilization and culvert renewal. This work will provide stabilization to the slope along the south side of Carp Rd. The culvert is being replaced at the same time due to its current condition. Throughout the construction, there will be single lane closures as required to facilitate the work. When construction is not active, the roadway will be fully open. Work will be done by fall 2019.

Sandbag processing site on Kinburn Side Rd.

I’ve received inquiries about the ‘sandbag mountain’ at the Public Works site at 1444 Kinburn Side Rd. This location is being used as a sandbag processing site. Staff have begun work here and are separating the sand from the bags with the appropriate shredding and screening equipment with this process taking about two to three weeks. The separated sand will then be stored in neat piles on site and within the next 4 weeks will be put through a final separation process preparing it for future winter material use. Residents should see a gradual reduction in the pile of used sandbags soon. Any likelihood of critters or bugs is quite low as staff will be constantly working on the piles.