Column: September 19, 2019

Ward 5 Official Plan Engagement Session

Residents of West Carleton-March are invited to an Official Plan Engagement Session, which I am hosting as follows:

Monday, September 23
7pm to 8:30pm
West Carleton Community Complex
Roly Armitage Hall
5670 Carp Road

At 7pm, there will be a brief staff presentation on the new Official Plan and the policy changes known as the Five Big Moves. Following the presentation there will be breakout discussions on each of the Five Big Moves. No RSVP required. Light refreshments will be provided.

This engagement session is an ideal opportunity for you to get involved at the early stages of this process. Public engagement and feedback is key to ensuring our updated Official Plan meets Ottawa’s needs now and well into the future. Please remember – the new Official Plan will directly impact your daily life for years to come. Be involved and have your say!

As I’ve noted in past columns, the City of Ottawa is rewriting our Official Plan. This is the strategic document that describes how the city will grow over time, where we will place major infrastructure, and what policies will be in place to support economic growth and guide the development and evolution of communities. The City is proposing to make a number of significant policy changes, known as the Five Big Moves:

  1. Growth: By 2046, achieve more growth by intensification than by greenfield development. This growth will provide a variety of affordable housing options for residents.

  2. Mobility: By 2046, encourage the majority of trips in Ottawa to be made by sustainable transportation.

  3. Urban Design: Improve our sophistication in urban and community design and put this knowledge to the service of strong development at all scales, from the largest to the very small.

  4. Resiliency: Embed public health, environmental, climate and energy resiliency into the framework of our planning policies.

  5. Economy: Embed economic development into the framework of our planning policies.

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