Column: August 15, 2019

Joint session of ARAC & Planning Committee

On Thursday, August 22, there will be a joint meeting of the Planning Committee and the Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee (ARAC). This meeting is taking place at Ottawa City Hall, in Andrew Haydon Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West. It will begin at 9:30am and is open to the public. The agenda can be reviewed on This joint meeting is to hear about preliminary policy directions that staff are recommending for the City of Ottawa’s new Official Plan. The policy directions, which reflect the results of previous public outreach, are presented in five main areas:

  • Growth – aim for more growth through intensification than through greenfield development

  • Mobility – aim to see more than half of all trips made by sustainable transportation

  • Neighbourhoods – aim to improve community planning and design, with a focus on neighbourhoods

  • Natural Systems – aim to better integrate public health, energy and environmental resiliency in planning matters

  • Economic Development – aim to embed economic development considerations in planning matters

Culvert replacements

Culvert replacement work in Ward 5 is ongoing until December 2019. Culverts at each site listed below should take about 1 to 3 weeks to complete. Residents in the nearby areas will receive notice of the pending work:

- Thomas A. Dolan Parkway about .8 km east of Dunrobin Road
- Thomas A. Dolan Parkway about .01 km west of Sixth Line Road
- Carp Road about 1.4 km north of Thomas A. Dolan Parkway
- Ferry Road about .06 km north of Galetta Side Road
- Ferry Road (lining) about 0.30 km north of Galetta Side Road
- Ferry Road about .12 km north of Aylwin Road
- Ferry Rd about 1.2 km north of Badhams Side Road
- Thomas A. Dolan Parkway about 1.17 km east of Carp Road
- Kinburn Side Road just west of Diamondview Road
- Kinburn Side Road just west east of Diamondview Road
- Carp Road about 1.10 km south of Thomas A. Dolan Parkway
- Constance Creek Drive just north of Thomas A. Dolan Parkway
- John Shaw Road about 1.65 km north of Kinburn Side Road
- John Shaw Road about 1.9 km north of Kinburn Side Road
- Howie Road just south of March Road
- Rochon Way just east of Dunrobin Road
- Diamondview Road about .46 km north of Baird Side Road

Fall Cleaning the Capital begins

Early bird registration for GLAD Cleaning the Capital beings today. Help keep the City clean, green and litter free. Register your project by September 14 to be eligible to win an early bird prize. Go to to get all the details and to register your team.

Column: February 25, 2019

Your Community Voice newspaper in West Carleton

As many residents will now be aware, a new newspaper called “Your Community Voice – West Carleton” will start being delivered to your doorstep every second week beginning Thursday, March 7. This free newspaper is responding to the community’s feedback about wanting to regain the community connection that residents felt was lost when the West Carleton Review closed down over a year ago. Even though this newspaper will only be delivered bi-weekly to your home, I will continue to publish my column every week. All of my weekly columns will be posted on my website and on my social media accounts. For the weeks the paper is delivered, my column will appear there as well. Thanks to the staff at Your Community Voice for their work in bringing this paper to life – residents spoke and you listened!

ARAC Meeting set for March 7: Zoning By-Law Amendment – Part of 2596 Carp Rd.

City of Ottawa staff are recommending approving a Zoning By-Law amendment at 2596 Carp Rd. to permit a concrete batching plant, through an exception to be added to Zoning By-Law Section 240 – Rural Exceptions. A batching plant is a facility for the mixing of raw materials (such as aggregate and cement) with water to create concrete, which is immediately trucked off site to construction locations. City staff also advise that:

- the proposed increased maximum height of 24 metres would accommodate aggregate hoppers or silos;

- this zoning amendment conforms to the policies of the Official Plan and meets the intent of the Carp Road Corridor Community Design Plan;

- the proposal maintains the rural light industrial nature of this section of the Carp Road Corridor while increasing the manufacturing/industrial use permissions within the lot, which maintains zoning continuity with nearby similar industrial uses; and

- use of the site as a concrete batching plant is conditional upon the applicant obtaining appropriate environmental compliance approvals by the Province of Ontario.

Residents have submitted comments to the City about this project. Concerns include: health impacts, noise, truck traffic, impacts to the aquifer and creek. As Councillor for the area, I am well aware of all of these concerns and I have been involved in this matter from the beginning. I facilitated a Public Information Session in November 2018, as well as attended two additional meetings between all parties to listen and hear the opinions and concerns from all involved. The next step in this process is the City’s Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee (ARAC) will be listening to public input on this application. As Chair of this committee, and your representative, I want to hear from you. This matter will be considered by the Committee at its meeting on March 7 at 10am in The Chambers at Ben Franklin Place, 101 Centrepointe Dr. Residents are welcome to attend and speak for up to five minutes as a public delegation. Sign up on the speakers’ list upon arrival. If you are unable to attend in person, you may also send correspondence to the Clerk for distribution to Committee members by email at (The full Staff Report on this matter can be reviewed on