Column: September 14, 2017

Committee aims to make it easier for flood-affected residents to rebuild

At the September 7th Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, changes were approved to facilitate flood recovery by making it easier for residents to rebuild. City-initiated amendments to the Zoning By-law would relieve property owners from having to get minor variances when repairing or rebuilding structures damaged during the May flooding. The intent is to minimize delays and costs involved in rebuilding, and to make it easier for owners who may wish to rebuild at a higher point on their lot. Small increases in building height would also be permitted, to accommodate flood-proofing measures. This item will go to City Council on Wednesday, September 13 for final approval.

Temporary Road Closure for culvert work

Kinburn Side Road from Dominion Springs Drive to Timmins Road will be closed from Monday, September 25 until Friday, October 13, 2017. The closure will be in place in order to complete culvert replacements. Notification signs will be posted in advance of the closure. There will be a signed detour. Local and emergency vehicle access will be maintained.

Hydro One planned power outage

Hydro One has notified my office that they have planned a power outage on Sunday, September 24, from 7am to 11am. (This is the rescheduled outage that Hydro One had planned in the spring but due to the flooding event, they agreed to delay it to a later date).

Hydro One will be replacing two poles at the intersection of Kinburn Side Road and Stonecrest Road. Due to the complexity of the work and to ensure safety of the workers, the power must be shut off. The outage will affect approximately 3,500 customers in the following areas: Canon Smith Road, Limestone Road, Stonecrest Road, Thomas Dolan Parkway and the Ottawa River.

Hydro One will be notifying all customers using their automated call system. If you have questions or concerns, called Hydro One directly at 1-888-664-9376.

Try it: Sledge Hockey

Want to have some fun and learn about a new sport? Join Sledge Hockey of Eastern Ontario on Saturday, September 16, from 9:15am-11:15am at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex to try out sledge hockey. This is open to all abilities and ages. I have proudly sponsored this event along with my colleagues Councillors Wilkinson, Hubley and Qadri.

Column: July 13, 2017

Kinburn Side Road storm water & road reconstruction

Beginning soon, the City of Ottawa will undertake construction work on Kinburn Side Road as follows:

  • The storm sewers on Kinburn Side Road from 200 m west of Donald B. Munro Drive to Maria Street, and on Loggers Way at Kinburn Side Road, have reached the end of their service life and are in need of replacement.
  • The renewal of existing sidewalks and construction of new sidewalks and/or paved shoulders on Kinburn Side Rd, from west of Mary Street to approximately 230 m east of Loggers Way (Kinburn Community Centre).

Work will start soon and will stop late this fall and re-start again in spring 2018. Final completion including tree planting and sod reinstatement is expected to be completed in spring 2018.

Know your dog ownership responsibilities

I’ve recently heard some concerns from residents regarding dogs being off leash and owners not cleaning up after their pets. I would like to remind dog owners that they must comply with the City’s Animal Care & Control By-Law. A few main points to remember:

  • In the interest of public safety and animal welfare, dogs must be under the control of their owners at all times, and must not be permitted to roam. Leashing is required on public property and leashes should be no longer than three (3) metres. (Dogs may be off leash in some City parks. These areas are signed accordingly. Go to to find dog park locations).
  • Dog owners must remove waste from public property. If you get caught "in the act" of not removing your animal’s waste you may be fined. The by-law also requires that dog waste be disposed of at the dog owner's home – so don't leave it in park or street waste receptacles. There's a fine for that too.

Ottawa named “Best Place to Live in Canada”

Congratulations Ottawa! For the second year in a row Ottawa has been named the “best place to live in Canada” by MoneySense magazine in their annual rankings of 417 cities, towns and villages. MoneySense magazine’s rankings were based on the economy, wealth, affordability, safety and culture of each city, as well as access to health care, airports and schools. Go to to review the rankings.

Column: May 12, 2016

Save the date: Public meeting with the Hydro One Ombudsman

Do you have questions or concerns about your Hydro One bill? Then please mark Friday, June 10 on your calendar and join me as I host the Hydro One Ombudsman at a public meeting for West Carleton-March residents.

Fiona Crean, the newly appointed Ombudsman, will be our special guest for the evening and will be answering questions from residents and addressing their concerns. The meeting is taking place at the Kinburn Community Centre (3045 Kinburn Side Rd) from 5:00-7:30pm.

I will provide this information again in a future column closer to the date to remind residents of this worthwhile opportunity to address Ms. Crean directly.

2016 West Rural Road Upgrade and Pavement Preservation

I would like to let residents know there will be rural road upgrades and pavement preservation work starting soon in West Carleton-March. The work is set to commence in the next couple of weeks and should be completed in the fall 2016. The roads that will be receiving work are:

  • Len Purcell Drive (Bayview Road west to Fireside Drive)
  • Loggers Way (Galetta Side Road to Mississippi Drive)
  • Spruce Ridge Road (Speedway Road to Richardson Side Road)
  • Howie Road (Old Almonte Road to March Road)
  • Golden Line Road (Hamilton Side Road to 760m north of Old Almonte Road)
  • Old Carp Road (March Road to Old Second Line Road)
  • Carp Road (Richardson Side Road to Hwy 417)
  • Topol Lane
  • Wagon Drive (south leg)
  • Farm Lane (Crofters Grove to Armitage)
  • Crofters Grove (Wagon Drive to Farm Lane)

Public Open House: Kinburn Side Rd. Sewer & Road Reconstruction

The City of Ottawa will be hosting a public open house concerning the Kinburn Side Road storm sewer and road reconstruction project. It is taking place at the Kinburn Community Centre (3045 Kinburn Side Road) on Tuesday, May 17 from 6-8pm.

Infrastructure staff will present the plans to modify the storm sewer system in the Village of Kinburn in preparation for the construction of sidewalks and the subsequent resurfacing of Kinburn Side Road between the bridge at the Carp River to the east and Donald B Munro to the west of the Village.

Column: June 18, 2015

Kinburn Side Road – resurfacing project

Recently I’ve received a few inquiries regarding the road resurfacing work being done on Kinburn Side Road (from Woodkilton Road to 80m west of Hwy17). Residents are wanting to know why resurfacing work is not happening in the village of Kinburn.

The section of Kinburn Side Road within the village limits has a number of items that have to be coordinated and completed before any road surfacing happens. There are drainage issues that were raised by residents and a desire to have improved pedestrian/sidewalk connections. Both of these necessitate detailed review and design that is broader than a typical resurfacing project. They may also necessitate the need to alter the road profile. In addition, there are existing sections of the drainage system and culverts that are being investigated further due to identified needs. These works need to be completed before the final surfacing of the road in the village section is completed.

As a result, the Kinburn Side Road project is being approached in two phases. Phase 1 will resurface the large portions that do not have broader design needs and this will be completed in 2015. Phase 2 has been initiated and includes detailed investigations and design for the construction of the coordinated works in the village section. Construction will follow when the design work is complete in 2016. Confirmation of the construction schedule for Phase 2 will be determined later this year once the design process has progressed.

Facility Allocation Policy Review

The Facility Allocation Policy used for the allocation of arenas, sports fields and ball diamonds is being reviewed. A public consultation is being held at the Jim Durrell Recreation Centre, June 23, 6:30pm – 9:00pm.

City hosting Primer Budget Session

City Treasurer Marian Simulik and Deputy City Treasurer Isabelle Jasmin will host a one-hour budget session, guiding City Councillors, media and members of the public through a primer to explain how Ottawa spends and how the annual budget is put together. Question and answer period to follow.

When:    Wednesday, June 24, 7:30 p.m.
Where: City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West, Champlain Room (English) or Honeywell Room (French)

Those planning to attend are asked to notify to help gauge expected attendance.