Column: June 20, 2019

Ottawa Public Health Community Information Session

I am hosting a Community Information Session where Ottawa Public Health will present information well water testing, ticks/Lyme Disease and West Nile Virus. Ward 5 residents are invited to attend the session on Tuesday, June 25, 7pm-8:30pm, at the West Carleton Community Complex, 5670 Carp Rd.

Sandbag processing site on Kinburn Side Road

I’ve received inquiries about the ‘sandbag mountain’ at the Public Works site at 1444 Kinburn Side Rd. This location is being used as a sandbag processing site. Staff have begun work here and are separating the sand from the bags with the appropriate shredding and screening equipment with this process taking about two to three weeks. The separated sand will then be stored in neat piles on site and within the next 4 weeks will be put through a final separation process preparing it for future winter material use. Residents should see a gradual reduction in the pile of used sandbags soon. Any likelihood of critters or bugs is quite low as staff will be constantly working on the piles.

Garbage collection for flood affected properties

The City clearly understands that some residents are continuing with their clean up efforts from the spring flood event. Even though the City has returned to regular waste pick-up operations in these flood affected neighbourhoods, staff will continue to monitor the areas and will arrange special pick-up of flood related materials as needed.

Well water testing returns to normal schedule

Now that the state of emergency has been lifted, Ottawa Public Health has updated it’s well water testing webpage to reflect regular weekly operations. Residents can drop off their water samples on Tuesdays at the usual frequency prior to the flood. The courier will pick the samples up on Wednesdays only. Water testing bottles can be picked up during normal business hours. Please see below for the current Tuesday drop off locations:

• Carp Library, 3911 Carp Rd., 10am-8pm

• Darvesh Grocery, 3084 Kinburn Side Rd., 7am-8pm

• Nicholls General Store, 3798 Dunrobin Rd., 6am-10pm

• MacEwen Gas, 1794 Dunrobin Rd, 5:30am-11pm

• Kinburn Client Service Center, 5670 Carp Rd., 8:30am-4:30pm

• Lighthouse Restaurant, 655 Bayview Dr., 7am-9:30pm

• Constance Bay Pharmacy, 131 Constance Bay Rd., 10am-7pm