Column: May 30, 2019

Special collection of waste & hazardous waste

As of the writing of this column, the City of Ottawa began a special garbage collection schedule in flood-affected areas. Some collection will take place daily, seven days a week. To help with collection and disposal, flood-related debris should be separated by residents into five categories:

  • Household Trash and bagged debris, including material from demolition and construction, will be collected daily. Blue, black and green bins will be collected according to the regular schedule.

  • Appliances such as air conditioners, water heaters, washers/dryers, stoves, freezers and refrigerators will be collected Monday to Friday. Food should be removed and the doors should be removed or secured shut.

  • Electronics such as computers, stereos, TVs and any other device with a cord will be collected Monday to Friday.

  • Vegetative debris, such as logs, large tree limbs and pressure treated wood, will be collected regularly from the roadside.

  • Household hazardous waste collection will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Household hazardous waste must not be included with your garbage. Any leaking containers should be placed in a secure container or be double-bagged and labeled with the contents.

Please note: given that I write this column a full week before it’s published in the paper, I strongly suggest residents always check for the latest and most up-to-date information regarding flooding matters and the services the City of Ottawa is providing.

Temporary Road Closure - Upper Dwyer Hill Rd.

In my last column in the May 16 edition of Your Community Voice, I noted that Upper Dwyer Hill Road, between Vaughan Side Road and Carroll Side Road, was closed due to an emergency culvert replacement, and that the closure would remain in effect for at least a few weeks until the new culvert can be installed. As an update, the road still remains closed. The new culvert has been ordered and is scheduled to be delivered by the end of this month. This is a large culvert with an unusual size and unique dimensions. A new culvert has been ordered and is being fabricated. Upper Dwyer Hill Road is expected to reopen by the end of the first week of June, barring any unforeseen delays including weather.

Column: May 16, 2019

Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs has initiated the Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians Program for the City of Ottawa, ‎which may provide financial assistance to residents affected by the flooding. Information about the program is available at to help individuals, small owner-operated businesses, farms and not-for-profit organizations cover emergency expenses and repair or replace essential property following a natural disaster.

Fees waived by ESA

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) has waived reconnection fees in regard to the restoration of electrical services in flood damaged areas. For any residents who have already paid this fee, a full refund will be provided through ESA’s customer service centre at 1-877-372-7233.

Deferral of tax bills & help with plans to rebuild

On May 8, City Council approved giving more time to property owners affected by flooding to pay their 2019 property taxes. The final payment for property taxes this year is due on Thursday, June 20. Council is extending that due date to Thursday, December 5 for owners whose dwellings were flooded. Go to for more information. Council also approved a motion to help residents in the flooded areas rebuild without needing to pay building fees or obtaining minor variances.

Canadian Red Cross help

Homeowners that have been directly impacted by spring flooding may receive financial aid from the Red Cross to help meet their immediate needs. Affected residents, where this is their primary residence, may receive up to $600 to help meet their immediate needs. To receive this assistance, impacted households need to be registered with the Red Cross. To register:

• Call: 1-800-863-6582
• Online at
• In-person at designated community centres (Red Cross Services)

Full details of assistance available can be found at Only one registration per household. Funds will be provided through e-transfer or a prepaid cash card.

Temporary road closure - Upper Dwyer Hill Road

On May 8, Upper Dwyer Hill Road, between Vaughan Side Road and Carroll Side Road, was closed due to an emergency culvert replacement. The road closure will be remain in effect for at least the next couple of weeks until the new culvert can be installed. Detour signage is in place.